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Model UK 1 Low Bow Field Hockey Sticks Composite Outdoor Top Quality 80% Carbon. Free UK Delivery.


Model Hockey Size Guide 2021

Model Hockey Sticks Size Guide European and US method of sizing up a Hockey Stick for a child

  • Place the wooden curve on the ground
  • Make sure the stick is straight
  • Hold the stick at the top of the handle keeping it in place
  • Stand as straight as a soldier
  • The top of the stick should stretch above the hip bone. It may be slightly higher, or lower.

Many experts suggest a little higher is better, as it offers the child a little more growth without losing close ball control. You can ask another person to help or use a mirror to see if the stick is close enough to the top of the hip.

model logoHockey Sticks Weight

Light Weight (535g to 550g)

A light stick allows for quick wrist movement, making it faster to dribble left and right. Along with having a quicker backswing and skills. It also helps with a better take of the ball.

Medium Weight (555g to 560g) Heavy Weight (560g to 580g)

A heavier stick can help provide a heavier hit of the ball, and with durability issues.

Hockey Player Height Model Hockey Size
3.5" & Under 24"
3.6" - 3.7" 26"
3.7" - 4.0" 28"
4.1" - 4.3" 30"
4.4" - 4.6" 32"
4.7" - 5.0" 34"
5.1" - 5.3" 35"
5.4" - 5.6" 36." - 36.5"
5.7" - 5.9" 37" - 37.5"
5.10" 38"
6" - 6.4" Plus 38.5" - 39"
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UK 1 Field Hockey Outdoor Composite

MODEL 80% Carbon + 20% Glass Fiber Top Quality – Empowered Your Game
Mould 24.75 – Df-Sf Low Bow Drag Flick Also Deed Stop Option
High Stiffness Bend Location 200 mm
Take Control From Anywhere On The Pitch.

36.5″- 37.5″- Weight Light Head Maxi 24.75 mm Low Bow
Touch Compound On Head Playing Side
Black Pu Super Soft Grip


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Additional information

Additional information

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36.5", 37.5", 38"