Model Indoor Hockey Stick Composite Best 50% Carbon – 37.5″


Indoor Hockey Stick Size 37.5″ – Perfect Stick For Club Players, Slim, Stiff – Strong and light weight – Free UK Delivery.


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Model Hockey Size Guide 2021

Model Hockey Sticks Size Guide European and US method of sizing up a Hockey Stick for a child

  • Place the wooden curve on the ground
  • Make sure the stick is straight
  • Hold the stick at the top of the handle keeping it in place
  • Stand as straight as a soldier
  • The top of the stick should stretch above the hip bone. It may be slightly higher, or lower.

Many experts suggest a little higher is better, as it offers the child a little more growth without losing close ball control. You can ask another person to help or use a mirror to see if the stick is close enough to the top of the hip.

model logoHockey Sticks Weight

Light Weight (535g to 550g)

A light stick allows for quick wrist movement, making it faster to dribble left and right. Along with having a quicker backswing and skills. It also helps with a better take of the ball.

Medium Weight (555g to 560g) Heavy Weight (560g to 580g)

A heavier stick can help provide a heavier hit of the ball, and with durability issues.

Hockey Player Height Model Hockey Size
3.5" & Under 24"
3.6" - 3.7" 26"
3.7" - 4.0" 28"
4.1" - 4.3" 30"
4.4" - 4.6" 32"
4.7" - 5.0" 34"
5.1" - 5.3" 35"
5.4" - 5.6" 36." - 36.5"
5.7" - 5.9" 37" - 37.5"
5.10" 38"
6" - 6.4" Plus 38.5" - 39"
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Indoor stick Model Hockey Sticks 50% Carbon. Low Bow Bend Profile 24.75mm, Curve Location 200mm. The Assembly of the core with Center Beam with the Lay-up of Carbon, Kevlar, and Glass Fiber Strands in different angles with the careful blending of Epoxy to make stiff and increase tensile Strength Strong PU Glossy Finishing, PU Super Soft Grip. This is the ideal hockey stick for drag-flickers and offensive forwards. Be surprised when the ball moves super-fast down the field.

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